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Robert B. Pyles is the son of Robert A. Pyles and the late Magnolia P. Ridley. He has also been blessed with a loving and caring stepmother, Katie Pyles. 


Upon completing high school, Robert enlisted in the United States Airforce where he would spend the next 15 years of his life working as Security Law Enforcement. During the course of his military service, Robert met, became friends and fell in love with Betty D. Dawkins. The two were married in 1986 and together have 3 children, Anthony, Ebony (Brandon) and Katrina (Chris). Robert and Betty also have 9 beautiful grandchildren. 


While in the military, Robert began working for McDonald’s first as a crew member and later as a swing manager. It was at this time that the owner, Jack Price, saw something in Robert and asked him had he ever thought about being an Owner/ Operator for McDonald’s. While both Robert and Betty had both enjoyed very successful military careers, they received confirmation from God through prayer, to participate in the McDonald’s franchise as owner/ operators. In December of 1997, Robert completed the McDonald’s owner/ operator program and on Valentine’s Day of 1998 Robert and his family took ownership of their first McDonald’s which was located at 76th& Acacia Street in Milwaukee. Since that time, Robert and Betty have grown their business to include 15 McDonald’s stores at an annual budget of over $40 million. In 1990, Robert formed Magnolia Realty, LLC in honor of his Mother, the late Magnolia Ridley who raised a family of 9 in a 3 bedroom project house in Hobson City, Alabama. The purpose of the Company was to provide families with affordable quality housing. Today, nearly 70 families call a Magnolia Realty Property “home.” 


Since becoming owner/ operators in the franchise, Mr. Pyles & his wife have received a plethora of awards and honors for their leadership in the franchise as well as in the community. Twice, Mr. Pyles has been the recipient of the Ronald Award, which is the highest award honor in the region. They’ve also been recognized on numerous occasions as leading edge operators. Mr. Pyles is also a proud recipient of the Visionary Award, the People Award, the Children’s Legacy Award and was honored as Employer of the year by UMOS, Inc in 2003. 


Robert and Betty view their McDonald’s restaurants as ministry. Many of their employees come to them seeking prayer, counseling, and assistance with meeting their everyday needs. Robert believes that by being in close touch with all of his employees, they will come to know that all of his success is a direct result of his tremendous faith in God. Also, in 1998 upon moving to Milwaukee, Robert heard and accepted God’s formal calling into the ministry. Under the leadership of Pastor Patricia Saffold, he became a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel and today presides over Abundant Faith Church of Integrity as Senior Pastor. Under Pastor Pyles’ leadership, AFCI has emerged as a fresh ministry providing a relevant, family-oriented church that exudes Godly principles, integrity, and abundant living. 


Over the years, Mr. Robert Pyles has grown to become a pillar in the Milwaukee Community providing jobs to over 700 employees and investing thousands of dollars into affordable & quality housing through his real estate company, Magnolia Realty which provides housing to hundreds of Milwaukee residents. Additionally, Mr. Pyles is a committed humanitarian investing both his time and financial resources into the community. Mr. Pyles has become known for many things, but perhaps the thing that he wishes for everyone to know about him is that his life’s success is directly attributable to his deep and abiding faith in God who inspired his every step. 

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